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  • Inertia is the tendency for an object is in motion to continue to be in motion, or if it is still for it to stay still, unless acted upon by an outside force.

    Static Inertia – A parked car stays parked, unless acted upon by an outside force
    Dynamic Inertia – A moving car will stay moving, unless acted upon by an outside force

    Weight Transfer Acceleration
    Transfers weight from the front of the vehicle the rear
    Braking Transfers weight from the rear of the vehicle to the front.

  • Steering
    Transfers weight from one side of the vehicle to the other.
    Two inputs produces two transfers (ie steering combined with acceleration).
    The driver must minimize the weight transfer or use it to increase vehicle control.

    Taking A Curve
    Flat Road -has no slope and will not assist the vehicle to negotiate the curve.
    Banked Road – has a higher edge on the outside of the curve and slopes down to the inside. These are used on race tracks. Vehicle will lean to the inside of the curve, and allows the driver to negotiate curves more safely at higher speeds.
    Crowned Road – higher at the centre and slopes down to both sides. In a right turn, a crowned road acts like a banked road. In a left turn, due to forces to pull the vehicle off the road, it should be driven at very slow speeds

    On vehicles with a higher centre of gravity, special caution must be exercised on curves due a greater possibility of rollover.

    Reduce speed. It is always better to enter a curve slowly and safely than quickly and out of control.

    The dead pedal (footrest) should be used to brace yourself during curves or on sudden manoeuvres, thus helping you to maintain control.