Environmentally Conscious Tips

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carExhaust_2195976bTo limit exhaust pollution:
Have emission checked even if the emission tests are not a condition of registration renewal.
Keep engine properly tuned
Use the proper fuel
Avoid unnecessary engine idling
Accelerate smoothly; avoid sudden acceleration.
Remove unnecessary weight
Combine several errands into one trip
Car pool with friends when possible
Use public transit when available
Use cruise control on long trips

Disposal of fluids is a matter of crucial ecological importance:
Engine Oil, contaminates soil and water, affects ground water, surface water and water treatment facilities. Used oil contains particles of heavy metals, and toxic contaminants. Recycle engine oil at waste collection sites.

Gasoline, contaminates soil and ground water and poses a risk of explosion or fire. Never store gasoline for an extended period of time and recycle fluids at a waste facility.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 4.48.20 PMAnti-freeze, a poisonous liquid with a sweet attractive taste to animals and children. Though biodegradable it contaminates water and soil temporarily. Take care in storage and disposal.
Brake fluid, has a toxic and sweet taste, used fluid contains heavy metal, carcinogens, etc. Store in a safe place and recycle.


Power steering fluid, toxics, contaminates soil and water, can cause eye and skin irritation, and its combustion produces carbon monoxide. Unused fluid can be shared with others or brought to a hazardous waste site.